Veterinary Compounding

Dogs and Cats

Often times the prescriptions our furry, little family members get are the same as human prescriptions. We can make custom flavored suspensions to allow you to adjust the dose specific to your pet.


M-D Pharmacy has a proprietary equine ulcer medication to get your horse performing in no time. See below for more information. Print off an information sheet and prescription template and bring it in to your vet's office today.


Our Omeprazole NaHCO3 0.23 g/mL oral suspension offers 

  • Customized dosing for your horse's specific weight
    • 4 mg/kg/day recommended to treat (eg. 10 mL for 1250 lb horse)
    • 1 mg/kg/day for prevention or maintenance (eg. 2.5 mL for 1250 lb horse)
  • Palatable molasses flavor to make administration easier
  • The base of our suspension is a sodium bicarbonate solution which aids in acid neutralization
  • The option to administer by top-dress on horse's feed if your horse fights direct oral administration
  • Packaged in a bottle with an oral syringe to measure a specific dose for your horse
  • Treatment and prevention all-in-one with simple dose adjustment
  • Flat rate shipping to Minnesota and North Dakota in an insulated package
  • Product must be refrigerated
  • Shake well before every administration

Please note: This product requires a signed prescription from a licensed veterinarian. Prescription must be faxed or emailed from vet's office or original copy hand delivered by client.